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What is Resurge?

Resurge is weight loss supplement that is made from 100% natural ingredient and manufactured to help you with your weight loss goal by improving your sleep. The primary ingredient in Resurge ensures you have deep sleep which assist in rejuvenating your body, reversing agin process, reducing stress and of cause helping your lose weight.

It's role in improving sleep means that there are people who uses it simply because of its function as a sleep aid, however this does not reduce it potent in helping you lose even the most stubborn fat. It's however advisable to use Resurge for minimum 60 days to enjoy its full benefits.

Is Resurge Supplement Safe?  

Resurge is safe and the reason being that it's made from natural ingredient that is GMO free and manufactured in an FDA certified lab. It's important to note that Resurge is not for person's below the age of 18 and pregnant or nursing mothers. Also if you have pre-existing medical condition or taking a prescribed medication, it's advisable to contact your doctor before taking Resurge. If you have any form of reaction to Melatonin, it's advisable not to take Resurge.

What are the Ingredients in Resurge?

Resurge is produced exclusively from top-grade materials in a GMP-certified facility, making it the most convenient and reliable way of getting all of these compounds in the exact dose you need for sleep improvement and weight loss. Here are the ingredient that makes up Resurge.


Melatonin is one of the primary hormones responsible for regulating sleep. Normally, it’s naturally produced in the body in synch with the sleep-wake cycle, with more melatonin being produced in the evening and at night. However, the blue light emitted by smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets impairs melatonin production and leads to trouble falling asleep, lack of deep sleep, and other issues.


This Ayurvedic herb is a scientifically confirmed adaptogen, meaning it helps the body to better respond to stress and deal with it more effectively. Studies have reported that ashwagandha may help to reduce anxiety and calm down racing thoughts—and both effects are extremely beneficial for sleep quality.


The body uses this amino acid to produce serotonin, a chemical messenger in the brain. Low serotonin levels increase the risk of anxiety and depression, as well as sleep issues. In experiments that stopped serotonin production, subjects started suffering from severe insomnia.


L-theanine is a soothing amino acid naturally present in green tea. Studies reported that theanine reduces anxiety, fights off depression, improves sleep quality, and even enhance cognitive function.


In the human body, magnesium plays an essential role in over 300 physiological processes. Low magnesium intake is associated with depression and poor sleep, while magnesium supplementation significantly improves sleep quality.


Zinc is another mineral that controls sleep, and studies have reported that getting more zinc from dietary sources or supplements can improve sleep quality and ease of falling asleep.

Arginine and Lysine

These two amino acids work synergistically to increase growth hormone levels and promote recovery, building of muscle, and strengthening of the bones.

Should You Buy Resurge?

No doubt Resurge Supplement is effective in weight loss and improving sleep. Being in high demand, there have been several complains about delayed shipping from customers. If you are not in a hurry and need an effective supplement that will aid your weight goals, then get Resurge. You can purchase Resurge from their OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy resurge only from their OFFICIAL SITE
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No Resurge is not Scam. Resurge is a supplement that is made from natural ingredient in an FDA approve lab in the USA

Category: Resurge

Should you not be satisfied with the product, the product comes with a 60 days money back guarantee and you can apply for a refund by sending email to

Category: Resurge

Resurge is a weight loss supplement design specifically to help you burn stubborn fat and lose weight while you sleep without having to engage in extreme exercising or dieting.

Category: Resurge

Resurge is design to curb your food craving and increase your body metabolism especially at night. This helps the body to burn excess body fat at a higher rate and ensure that you lose weight. So yes, resurge helps you lose weight

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